Hello, I’m Meaghan Rondeau, the person and writer, and this is my eponymous website!!!

I write poems, I do translations and weird adaptations of ancient literature, and I’ve got prose in different area codes (satire, various forms of nonfiction, plays sometimes when I feel like it). Some of these things have been published in literary magazines on the internet and/or on paper. The overwhelming majority of them have been rejected multiple times, often by those same magazines. My creative work has been known to earn upwards of $200 per annum. In short, writing is a glamorous career that I would heartily recommend to any young person!

A list of literary things I care about: language, languages (the deader the better), classical mythology, comedy, tragedy, productive ambiguity, risk-taking, irreverence, unproductive ambiguity, decent public speaking, education, honesty, curiosity, ethics, connection.

A list of literary things I do not care about: credentials, rules, gatekeepers and judges, the whole concept of “CanLit,” poetic prettiness, clout, heavyhanded identity politics, Twitter wars (there’s only one thread in the world that needs and deserves to be on Twitter and it’s this one), schmoozing, genre, expectations, seriousness, getting paid for stuff I was going to write anyway.

Anyway, welcome. Take your shoes off. Poke and peek and prod and pick around. Look on my works. Despair.

“You are and have been very inspiring, and I look up to you as someone who tries her best while believing [in her] own ability, continuously mak[ing] effort while not giving up.”

Yuuri N., former student and excellent artist

“You are an odd fellow, but I must say, you steam a good ham.”

Superintendent Chalmers