I like learning things. Here’s how that’s been playing out over the last couple decades.

MFA, Creative Writing, University of British Columbia (2018)
Thesis: “Antithesis,” a hybrid mess of whatever: poems, translations, nonfiction, stage drama, probably other things I’m not thinking of

Vancouver Manuscript Intensive (nonfiction, 2013)

Writing with Style program (poetry), the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (April 2013)

TESOL Diploma, Vancouver Community College (2011)

The Writer’s Studio, Simon Fraser University (poetry cohort, 2010)

Abandoned PhD, Classics, University of Washington (2005-2007; RIP Former Meaghan, please never come back to life)

MA, Philosophy, University of Calgary (2005)
Thesis: “The Piety of Storks,” a look at ninth-century AD theologian/philosopher John Scotus Eriugena and his take on whether animals have souls (SPOILER: they do; get ready for a heaven full of cats!!) (NB: the preceding is a gross oversimplification and distortion of Eriugena’s views but it makes for a way cooler mental image than his concept of the afterlife could ever generate)

MA, Classics, University of Calgary (2005)
Thesis: “Nonnian Perversions,” an exploration of the relentless subversion and exaggeration of classical Greek myths and literary themes in the messed-up epic poem of the messed-up fifth-century AD poet Nonnus of Panopolis

BA Hons., Classics, University of Calgary (2001)
Boy, that was a long time ago. How old am I?